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  • Why Toon Finance DEX is Smashing Competing Decentralized Exchanges Shibswap Pancakeswap

    Published on January 1, 2023

    DEX’s take over the memecoin industry as Toon Finance becomes the most sought out presale ICO

    The crypto industry has been on a roller coaster in recent years, culminating in the launch of several new NFTs, currencies, CEX, and DEX platforms, each carrying a sizable user and investment base.

     From simply Bitcoin and Ethereum being well-known cryptocurrencies, we have progressed to a plethora of coins to invest in. All of this was made possible by the cooperation of media agencies, company owners, celebrities, professionals, and, most importantly, crypto fans who put their confidence in the crypto world.

     When we think of corporations, Tesla is the first that comes to mind because it declared that it will take DOGE coins as payment. DOGE is a meme coin that, together with SHIB, has become one of the most popular in the world of meme coins.

     For those who have been living under a rock and haven’t heard the word before, meme coins are coins that were inspired by internet memes but gained popularity as people became aware of the potential that they have. When investors began to make large gains from them, they began to invest more, and this is how the Doge currency initially became popular in 2020.

     The Toon Finance coin is another such meme currency that was only introduced around 5 months ago but has already acquired a big following of investors all over the world.

     Toon Finance currency (TFT) is a meme coin inspired by charming toon characters that has quickly become a craze and garnered a large community of serious investors.

     Toon Finance is a Decentralized Exchange platform (DEX platform) created by business experts and blockchain technologists to address the issues connected with current P2E gaming.

    The P2E metaverse that is being built will use SHA256 encryption and will have a battleground as well as a leaderboard that displays the list of top players that earn thrilling NFTs as airdrops.

     Toon Finance held its first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) presale, which was a big success, raising more than $3.5 million. Out of the total of 1 billion TFTs, half were available for presale.

     The presale received overwhelming support from gamers, investors, market leaders, media experts, and fans all around the world. Even groups uniting around other coins couldn’t avoid being a part of the craze. Toon Finance enthusiasts are constantly pushing it on social media sites such as Telegram.

    Toon Finance has been successful in gaining a presence on well-known sites like Crypto.com and CoinMarketCap.com. Being listed on such renowned cryptocurrency platforms confirms the coin for individuals who have questions about its viability.

    Toon Finance DEX – everything you need to know

     Toon Finance is currently developing a Decentralized Exchange platform that will serve as a welcoming environment for anyone to purchase, sell, or exchange currencies without difficulty.

     Decentralized exchanges lack a central authority and a central server (which keeps data), making them far more flexible for investors. A DEX platform offers several advantages, including strong security, anonymity, a low entrance price, quick accessibility, and much more.

    1.   Maximum security

    Because of its decentralized design, Toon Finance has been determined to be more secure than other cryptocurrencies. The lack of a centralized server prevents hackers from simultaneously infiltrating user data since it is dispersed and not centralized. Furthermore, hackers cannot access the accounts to steal cash in part or fully, assuring enhanced security and privacy of user data.

    2.   Anonymity

    User data is meaningless on DEX platforms and is frequently ignored during the registration process. Unlike centralized platforms, decentralized networks do not require users’ personal information.

    Users can bypass the registration procedure and acquire the coins straight if they like, as prerequisites such as name or address are not prioritized, contributing to the anonymity of users.

    3.   Entry cost is minimal

    In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, the Toon Finance coin is rather inexpensive. This is possible because decentralized platforms eliminate the intermediaries that charge separate fees for each transaction. Because there is no central server, no middleman is involved in any transactions that users make.

    Users pay a charge to the exchange and the wallet service provider for offering a trading environment and a place to store coins on centralized exchanges. Users on decentralized platforms simply pay a tiny charge to the blockchain they are using and no further fees to any middleman. This may save customers a lot of money, which they can then use to buy additional coins.

    4.   Accessibility

    Not everyone has time to waste on lengthy registration processes and unpleasant platforms that take too long to get to the point. Fortunately, with Toon Finance DEX, it is possible to simply purchase the coins without going through a lengthy registration procedure, making the coin more accessible to a wider audience.

    Website: https://toon.finance/
    Presale: https://buy.toon.finance/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToonSwapFinance
    Telegram: https://t.me/ToonSwapFinance
    CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/toon-finance/


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