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  • With High Craving for South Indian Delicacy, LF 91 A Heritage Food Festival concludes at Gurugram..

    Published on March 25, 2019

    New Delhi : Bringing regional heritage food to urban heartlands, LF 91 – a Heritage Food Festival was organised at Leisure Valley Gurugram over the weekend, which proved to be an amalgamation of culture, cuisine and tradition for the people here in Delhi/NCR.

    Presented by Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice, the two day food fiesta by Zee Live and Living Foodz made its way to the Delhi, NCR over the weekend after the first successful edition in Mumbai. The festival was an endeavour to bring regional heritage food to the urban heartlands. Hundreds of authentic dishes from the deep corners of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu made their way to the National Capital Region.

    Apart from the delicious food, the festival had master-class with celebrity chefs like Kunal Kapoor and Pankaj Bhaduria, at the festival one also gotto dip into striking Dhol performance as well as enthralling performances by pop singers like Deejau AJ, Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai, Ritviz and the Raghu Dixit Project, that made people crave for more delicacy & musical masti.

    The food lovers of Delhi got to choose from a multitude of lip-smacking choices where food prepared by outlets, street food specialists and generations of authentic South Indian destinations were plated in 4 state zones; Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at the Leisure Valley Park. Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice Presents LF 91, for the first time in a food festival attempted a community long table for the Kerala Sadhya.

    While on the first day, Chef Kunal Kapoor tempted people with their looks and dish, while on the second day, Chef Pankaj Bhaduria gave a magical flavor of her delicacy and shared details about various dishes of South India.

    The people also enjoyed the tips and experience shared by the expert head chefs at the state zones. They shared the interesting facts related to food as well as tasting style.

    During his performance Bablal Rai presented many songs including; Main Tera Akshay, Jatta Da Tikane, One Dream among others. While Jassi Gill enthralled them with highly entertaining act; he sang his popular numbers like; Bapu Zimidar, Sara Anger, Guitar Sikhda, Atti Karan, Laden, Nir Karant, Gabaru etc. The concluding day saw the performance by Raghu Dixit Project on his popular songs, he was a treat to watch, made the festival closing an unforgettable affair.

    LF 91 is an attempt to give a taste of South India cuisine to the Delhiites. The festival will not only see food from various parts of the country but also help in retaining and passing the age-old secret recipes from various cultures, said Swaroop Banerjee from the LF91 Food Festival. It will be a truly cultural experience that Zee Live and Living Foodz is proud to present, he added.

    After Delhi, the festival will culminate in Bengaluru where food prepared from the North of India will meet South. The two-day festival in each city will present heritage food which will be prepared by the best Khansamas, Maharaj’s and authentic regional cuisine outlets in the country, says Swaroop Banerjee.

    Chef Kunal Kapoor praised the efforts of the organizers for curating a food festival with such concept, especially for people of Delhi & Gurugram. Such festivals are very special for today’s generation as it brings regional heritage food as well as the culture, cuisine and tradition under one roof, getting these dishes from South India at one festival is not a usual affair, Kunal added.


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