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  • Young ambassadors from India participated in the 3 day International Friendship Camp

    Published on June 13, 2018

    The Football for Friendship (F4F) programme is underway with Surya Varikuti and Rudresh Gaudnour, 12 year old young ambassadors selected to represent India in the programme.

    As a part of the F4F programme, the young footballer and young journalists had to undergo an intensive training programme for 3 days. In these training camps, called International Friendship Camp, the young ambassadors were sorted into teams of different cultures and interacted with kids from 211 countries and regions. They also got an opportunity to take part in master classes and lectures conducted by renowned dignatories.

    The Friendship Camp also saw the activation of The International Children’s press center, participated by the young journalists who reported on the activities of the day. The journalist were also a part of master classes conducted by leading media channels, which taught the young journalists how to report.

    The training days also focussed on the ecological initiatives, supported by F4F. These initiatives which were explained through special lectures were aimed to make the young ambassadors aware and alert about the problems of the environment.


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