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  • Zoya Akhtar & Jacqueline Fernandez unveil “THE LOVE DIET” by Shonali Sabherwal

    Published on March 12, 2014

    Mumbai : Celebrity fitness counselor and bestselling author Shonali Sabherwal’s new book “The Love Diet” was unveiled by Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez and noted filmmaker Zoya Akhtar at the Title Waves book store in Bandra, Mumbai. Shonali Sabherwal and Jacqueline FernandezIndia’s leading and only Macrobiotic Nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal – whose clients include Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Neha Dhupia, Raima Sen, Esha Deol, Tabu, Kabir Bedi and Shekhar Kapur, among others – was in conversation with Jacqueline Fernandez along with the host actor Dalip Tahil at a memorable launch event packed with the City’s fashionistas, socialites, celebrities and booklovers too.

    The ‘Love Diet’ from the author of ‘The Beauty Diet’ is a unique book designed to cultivate and improve health and vitality for a happy blissful life full of love on all levels. While Jacqueline said that “she feels flushed and entirely new” with Shonali’s diet, Zoya Akhtar said that she rediscovered herself with the macrobiotic natural diet. Proceeds from the first year’s book sales will be given to NGOs Ra Foundation and Eve Foundation whose trustees Sunil Nayak and Sunita Choraria were also present.

    Speaking about the new book, Shonali Sabherwal said, “The Love Diet is your go-to book for advice and solutions on how to feel happy, sexy, healthy and full of love. ‘The Love Diet’ talks about specific food plans and recipes that work as a go-to-book with advice and solutions on how to feel happy and sexy. ‘The Love Diet’ serves as an overall guide to healthier and happier life choices that can make you caring, loving and giving. It also provides recipes, insights and tips on effective workouts and how one can attain overall balance, both in your life through healthy eating. This book ‘The Love Diet’ is close to my heart as I have shared several personal experiences and insights.”

    In The Love Diet, Shonali Sabherwal, India’s leading and only Macrobiotic Nutritionist presents a refreshing approach to eating by sharing: Food secrets that can make you caring, loving and giving; Tips to enhance sexual appetite in men and women; Magical food and lifestyle factors needed for better sex and and love between the sexes; How to reach a place of love 24 x7 with the food and lifestyle you have; The Love Diet is your go-to book for advice and solutions on how to feel happy, healthy and full of love.

    Shonali now brings Soulfood to India: Shonali Sabherwal, India’s only practicing counselor, chef and instructor in macrobiotic, now brings to you her brand Soulfood (http://www.soulfoodshonali.com/) which is deeply embedded and has its roots in the Macrobiotic approach to lifestyle and diet. Macrobiotics is the biological and physiological application of Oriental philosophy and medicine (now Indianized by Shonali Sabherwal). It is not a diet; it is not a prescribed list of do’s and don’ts that you struggle to stick to and then feel guilty about when you cannot fit it into your life. Macrobiotics endeavours to empower the individual with tools, to take control of their own lives and to make healthier lifestyle choices. It brings about an understanding and awareness in an individual for their day-to-day living needs viz-a-viz food and helps to make them independent.It thus enables them to exercise the right food and lifestyle choices, thereby, preventing disease and lifestyle-related ailments. The basics of the Soulfood approach are indicated by the pie chart below: whole grain (40%), Vegetable (25%), *extras (5%), fruit (5%), good quality fermented food (10%), beans and legumes (15%) – (For non-vegetarians, fish prescribed or dependent on health conditions). Foods to eliminate or minimize: Sugar, honey, artificial food, processed/packaged foods, all meats, dairy, refined oils, refined salt, ice cold food and drinks, alcohol, caffeine, drugs.


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