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    A Hosting Service That Guarantees Privacy: From Entrepreneur Haider Ali Khan

    Published on May 15, 2021

    Web hosting companies are becoming very common these days, although youngsters prefer discord, official business organisations and companies usually rely on something that guarantees privacy. Because let us admit it, discord is not that safe of a server to join when you have confidential information floating around.

    Especially difficult these days to find or get hold of a web hosting company that not just satisfies your demands but also makes sure that their services are not deleted, with the top priority of building a safe environment. Haider Ali Khan always has this in his mind, and with proper planning he came up with Sudoly, the safest web hosting company that has been approved by several prestigious agencies and organisations. After all, you can’t know for sure unless you have worked with them, and the ones who have worked with them will not be using any other service anytime sooner because their demands are already being satisfied by Sudoly with the top most priority.

    That is the reason why Haider Ali Khan is able to meet up with the demands of every client regarding the hosting, it is because of his interest in cyber security and his profession as a cyber security expert.

    From a very young age, Haider Ali Khan realised the true importance of privacy. He wanted to become an independent security analyst, and so he worked hard in this field not just to provide service but also to become a professional expert for the sake of his own passions. It is often observed that people who are passionate about their jobs never go wrong.

    Right now, Sudoly has become quite a popular web hosting company, very close to GoDaddy and Bluehost. Looks like this Australian young man is doing exceptionally well in his career! After all, not everyone is multi-talented enough to be an investor, author as well as a serial entrepreneur. His qualities as a serial entrepreneur are exceptional, it is clearly portrayed with his history and a future full of opportunities. In the past he worked along with prestigious major technology companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. These companies really value quality service and hence we know that Haider Ali Khan is not just an entrepreneur looking for profits, he aims higher.

    The E Commerce industry excites Haider Ali Khan a lot. He runs a number of confidential brands and businesses that have been kept private for particular reasons but the one particular website that gives technological insights is worth the mention here. iLounge is the Apple news technology blog that was going on a complete downhill because of the lack of management from the previous owner, maybe brought it back on track after taking it over from him in early 2019.

    Turning websites from rags to riches and establishing the safest hosting company, Haider Ali Khan has certainly come a long way!