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  • AISFM Graduation Ceremony Earns Special Cheers

    Published on March 16, 2013

    Hyderabad : Annapurna International School of Film and Media (AISFM) graduation ceremony today marked months of struggle, new experiences, growth and recognition of new challenges for the students who recently completed the short courses. Legendary film actor Dr. A. Nageshwar Rao (ANR) in his speech to the graduating students said “you are ready to achieve” – use your new skills to create wonders and fulfill your dreams.

    “In the last few months of the course all of them had fun and made friends. Some students who could not hold a professional camera learned to hold it. Some learned to script or direct films on their own. Some learned to edit. Others learned the professional way to handle post production aspects. Said Geetika Tondon, Vice President Academics, AISFM.

    “It had taken time, patience and often, pain. But as in all graduations, the joyful pride of accomplishment outweighed the memory of the grueling moments in school” a young student, Pradhan Thandra said. And most of all there was joy in the faces of the graduates at AISFM preview theatre to take their certification from the legend Dr. A Nageshwar Rao.

    Speaking on the occasion Dr. A Nageshwar Rao, chairperson of AISFM said when we set out this school our vision was to make AISFM world’s finest destination for film and media education. Our focus was to help students answer some of the toughest questions they have in their mind when they come here like Can I make it? How do I make it?  I am confident the interaction they had with teachers and many visiting industry stalwarts have given them immense confidence to succeed.

    “A school full of dreams and goals we set for ourselves. We learnt how those goals are achieved.”, GJ Raju, another jubilant student remarked.

    The Graduation was under the category of three courses

    Fundamentals of Scriptwriting

    DSLR Photography / Cinematography

    Assistant Direction in Telugu Film & Television

    The graduation ceremony featured – Screening of 13, two character assignments of ADTFT students. Video display of photographs of DSLR students – Screening of 5 / 6 one character a talk about Alumni program and Internship Policy followed by  Dr. A Nageshwar Rao speech. The program concluded with distribution of certificates and Screening of Faculty Projects.