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  • Sunday, October, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:21:11
  • Attributed to Dr Somesh Mittal, MD & CEO Vikram Hospital Bengaluru.

    “The Covid-19 pandemic has had an immensely adverse impact on the private healthcare sector. The sector had to fight a battle on many fronts and recovery has been slow. Hence, we anticipate some relief measures from the Government in the budget. Due to lockdown and COVID protocols, private hospitals had to face financial losses while still continuing to serve the patients. The union budget should address concerns of the healthcare by making special allocations in the budget. There is a need to consider the healthcare industry’s burden of low financial performance by providing some relief in form of liquidity infusion, tax relief and other waivers which will be crucial for the survival of private healthcare players. Government should also come up with certain support measures for healthcare workers so that they can sustain through these tumultuous times. We are now looking forward to administering of the vaccine, as it will bring immense relief to general public and reduce stress on the healthcare system. The positive actions anticipated in the budget will help rejuvenate the healthcare sector,” says  Dr Somesh Mittal, MD & CEO Vikram Hospital Bengaluru