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  • Can Collectixt (CLEX), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), and The Sandbox (SAND) Do 100× in the coming Months?

    Published on September 7, 2022

    Every good crypto asset in the coin market has a potential for price surge, provided they have a real use case, high adoption potential, and developers’ commitment. Effective marketing strategies, innovative features, and strong community backing are other factors that also determine the possibility of a crypto asset rising in price.

    Collectixt (CLEX), Near protocol (NEAR), and The Sandbox (SAND) are great crypto projects and have every necessary thing a good cryptocurrency project must possess. Analysts believe this qualifies them for a potential price increase.

    With the anticipated bull market, the current low price, and the utilities of this token, you won’t want to bet against them doing 100× in the coming months, even though the volatile nature of the market makes no prediction or analysis certain. We review these cryptocurrencies below.

    Near Protocol (NEAR)

    Near protocol is a community-driven cloud computing network. The layer-1 blockchain platform improves on the shortcomings of competing blockchains, enabling high transaction speed and throughput, standard blockchain interoperability, and cost-effectiveness. It utilizes different technologies to achieve this, including the Nightshade, a variation of sharded networks. The ecosystem is an ideal network for developers to create DApps and other digital assets.

    Near protocol (NEAR) has its custom consensus mechanism, Doomslug, which powers its functionality and helps secure the platform. The network has mechanisms to eliminate scaling problems and uses human-readable account names instead of cryptographic wallet addresses to make it more user-friendly. Different projects are being built on the network, further increasing its adoption potential.

    NEAR is the platform’s native currency. The crypt asset is included in over 538K watchlists and has a market capitalization of about $3.4 billion, ranking it among the top 25 cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap. The cryptocurrency sells below $5 presently, after reaching a peak price of $20+ early this year. Analysts believe NEAR could rally back to this point if the anticipated bull market comes soon. It is tipped to be a good long-term project, and you could see it do 100x in months to come.

    The Sandbox (SAND)

    The Sandbox (SAND) is one of the most monitored cryptocurrencies on the coin market, with 2.2+ million watchlists inclusion. The low-priced crypto assets have constantly been within the billion-dollar value in market capitalization and rank among the top 40 on Coinmarketcap.

    SAND had an all-time high of $8.44 during the bull market in the previous year. Currently, its market price ranges from $0.9 – $2. Analysts believe The sandbox’s popularity and utility in the coin market could see it do least of 100× soon, with great optimism it could rally beyond the $5 mark. The cryptocurrency powers The Sandbox, a virtual world based on blockchain technology that enables users to build and trade digital assets as games.

    The decentralized virtual platform is a thriving gaming community that aims to harness blockchain technology to provide more opportunities for users in the mainstream gaming sector. Apart from allowing users to create and trade, it also has a play-to-earn (P2E) feature making it possible for users to be creators and players. SAND facilitates transactions on the platform, and with the thriving nature of the blockchain gaming sector, it has a high potential to increase in value.

    Collectixt (CLEX)

    Collectixt (CLEX) token will facilitate activities in the Collectixt NFTs marketplace, which is part of the ecosystem aimed at improving NFTs adoption and making the creation, trading, and usage of NFTs seamless. The blockchain network will eliminate users’ major problems with NFTs minting and ownership, particularly high charges and property rights.

    Collectixt NFTs marketplace will cut across various industries, including Real estate, gaming, art and photography, and interior designs. The token will also facilitate the project’s other use cases, including an online payment platform, Collectixt pay. Community members can also earn rewards by staking their Collectixt token (CLEX) to support security and operation on the network.

    Collector real-life application as an online payment platform and NFTs utility with application in various industries give it high adoption potential. Analysts believe the cryptocurrency will have a progressive market run, especially during the bull market. Its current low price is a perfect entry point in anticipation of 100x in months.

    Find out more about the crypto asset and join its presale here.

    Collectixt Token (CLEX)

    Presale: http://signup.collectixt.com/

    Website: http://collectixt.com/

    Telegram: https://t.me/CollectixtTokenOfficial


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