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  • Disposable Volk Vitrectomy Lenses Deliver High Resolution Convenience

    Published on November 24, 2010

    Mumbai :Volk Optical has expanded its Disposable Vitrectomy Lens line with five new Direct Image lenses. The direct image lenses provide excellent visualization for a range of vitrectomy procedures with time-saving, disposable convenience.

    The high surface quality and light transmission of the new lenses overcome the optical quality issues typically associated with disposable lenses to ensure the best possible optics for viewing of all segments of the retina. An integrated silicone stabilizing ring holds the lenses on the cornea without the need for sutures or an assistant, reducing surgical prep time and trauma to the patient.

    The lenses come in a dual sterile package ready to use and are discarded after each procedure. Processing time to sterilize lenses between surgeries is eliminated. A low cost per use means there is no trade-off between convenience and expense.

    The new Disposable Direct Image Vitrectomy Lenses are available in five styles: a Direct Image Flat lens (36° Field of View, 1.0x Magnification) for views of the posterior pole; a Direct Image Magnifying lens (30° Field of View, 1.5x Magnification) to visualize central retinal pathology in greater detail; a Direct Image Wide Field (48° Field of View, .5x Magnification) for wider field of views than the standard Flat lens; Direct Image Bi-Concave (25° Field of View, .8x Magnification) for Air Fluid Exchange procedures; and the Direct Image 30° Prism (33° Field of View-30° offset, .1x Magnification) for off-axis retinal views.

    For more information please contact Mahadev Dhuri, Volk’s India Sales Manager, on e-mail [email protected] , telephone 022 6708 0400 or cell phone on 9930 311090.