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  • Doctors at Aware Global Hospitals remove “cricket ball” sized kidney tumour through keyhole surgery

    Published on February 26, 2021

    Hyderabad: Doctors at Aware Global Hospitals removed a “cricket ball” sized tumour from the right-side kidney of a 55-year-old man, using Laparoscopic surgical procedure. Performing a keyhole surgery to remove such a large sized tumour from the kidney is an uncommon practice; and was done not to cause major incision and to ensure a speedy recovery of the patient.

    Kidney tumours and kidney cancers can be cured by removing the entire tumour, and this can be performed through a variety of approaches including a more traditional open incision, or through the advanced laparoscopic surgical procedure. Doctors at Aware Global Hospitals evaluated the benefits that patient will accrue through the latter process and followed the same on this patient (Srinu Babu, hailing from East Godavari district).

    Commenting on the successful conduct of the surgery, Dr.Aman Chandra, Consultant, Urologist, Aware Global Hospitals, Along with Dr. Mervin leo, Cluster – Chief Operating Officer at Glenegals global hospitals Hyderabad Region. who led the procedure said, “There are galaxy of reasons for a victim to develop this tumour! However, relieving him of the ailment and pain through the best possible approach is the route taken by us. Nephrectomy was performed on this patient using keyhole surgery aided by laparoscopic technology; and the patient got discharged on day-three of the procedure, which could have taken longer in the traditional approach. In patient terms, laparoscopic surgery has the advantages of avoiding large open wounds or incisions and thus decreases blood loss, pain, and discomfort. Patients have fewer unwanted effects from analgesia because less analgesia is required. The fine instruments are less apt to cause tissue trauma and blood loss.”