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  • About Manisha

    Manisha Chopra, a stellar nutritionist, dietitian and fitness expert considers that a man is truly what he consumes. Manisha believes that when one is sincere and disciplined to eat right and exercise regularly, then the body can function optimally and undergo enhanced physical, mental and emotional state of affairs. As a Nutritionist, she has assisted a number of clients towards a fruitful lifestyle, through easy dietetic and lifestyle alterations. Her sole design is to utilize her knowledge and skills acquired via her education and real life experiences to enabling her clients in leading a healthier life. Manisha customizes on planning nutrition in combination with the physical exercise as everybody is different. She makes it a point to accentuate on quality nutrition choices for added health benefits. Whether it’s one-on-one counseling sessions or conducting health seminars for groups, Manisha is able to render the latest and often complex nutrition and health information and advice, that’s simple to comprehend and implement in your day to day routine.

    She is a strong believer of the fact that decent nutrition counselling can help achieve a holistic health approach, she enjoys combining theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, to educate clients and give them the best experience.


    Manisha was born in a typical upper middle-class Punjabi family, she imbibed the values of onward learning and the pursuit of excellence in what she does. As she was married early at the age of 19, she delivered her first baby at 21. she put on an extra 33 kilos after her case and this is what ignited her journey to be a fitness freak. After her second delivery at 27, she contemplated how to pursue her passion as a certified trainer as wanted to help people who were facing difficulty shredding the extra kilos.  

    Education and courses

    Manisha graduated with Bachelor’s degree in BA Hons, from Jesus and Mary college, University of Delhi. She then pursued Pilates Instructor and Sports instructor course from The Growth for Fitness Instructor (GFFI) Fitness Training Institute. She is now a certified master trainer with in depth knowledge of personal training.To gain more experience in this field she further chased a Diploma in nutrition from Fabacademe and Nutrition and Dietetics course from VLCC Institute. To increase her clinical know how she also completed a course in Science of Exercise from the University of Colorado. She is now a trainer of spinning from Mad Dogg Athletics and also certified to teach Fitness Cardio Kickboxing by the Knockout Fight Club.

    She applies the essence of what she has learned, about nourishment and exercise  to the Indian way of life in a reasonable and practical way.

    She continues to acquire knowledge and learn everyday, it’s an ongoing process she believes….