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  • Mindfulness Program – A unique and much-needed initiative by Evergreen Public School

    Published on May 23, 2022

    Evergreen Public School, Vasundhara Enclave Delhi aspires to become a mindful school through its Mindfulness Program.The School was established in 1975, by two great visionaries and dedicated educationists Mr. H.O. Thukral and Mrs. Muneesh Thukral. The CBSE affiliated Co-educational Senior Secondary School run by the Jyotirmay Bal Shiksha Samiti, has come a long way from its tiny sapling days and is today a giant oak tree spreading its branches to greater heights each day. Its grand edifice stands majestically representing the lofty ideals of honesty, integrity, truth and righteousness.

    The mindfulness program initiated by the school, strives to address the evermore stressful conditions prevalent in the educational ecosystem and the challenges arising out of the changing dynamics of the family structure. It aims to bring the now scientifically proven ageless wisdom, into mainstream education for the well-being of students, teachers and their entire ecosystem to help them live with full awareness in the here and now that the present moment has to offer instead of dwelling in the regrets of the past or worries of the future.

    Mindfulness is a state of being and embodying the energy of mindfulness, would help the classrooms transform into an epicentre of calmness and tranquillity, a zero- judgement zone, where empathy and compassion, playfulness and innovations are the order of the day.

    Commenting on the relevance of the program, Mansi Thukral Director EPS says, “Our student centric approach always inspires us to continually innovate to give a wholesome and holistic experience to our pupils. Mindfulness as many of us may know, has its roots in Buddhism, and is derived from the Pali word “Sati” which literally translated means “remembrance. When our School Principal Priyanka Gulati proposed that we make our institution a mindful school and thereby help the Evergreen family rise above the maddening chaos of the world and become an oasis of peace and happiness through this program, and what an amazing butterfly effect this would have on the society, it excited me. I felt completely aligned to this concept and immediately gave the nod for the initiative although I know, that we have long road ahead.” The program is motivating teachers and inspiring students to walk the path of this ambitious and purposeful goal as the school begins taking its first small but sure steps towards achieving this noble mission.


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