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  • Misha Arora: How To Tackle Thyroid Weight Gain

    Published on August 31, 2021

    Health conditions like thyroid, bring in tons of suffering and complications. The ones dealing with this health complication are already fighting a tough battle, and when the weight gain associated with Thyroid sets in, they have to tackle another challenge – surviving society as an overweight person.

    We all are very well aware of how the majority of the people in our society look down on others by the virtue of them being overweight or curvy. They make things harder for someone, whose story they don’t even know.

    Misha Arora went through something similar. Today she is a nutritionist who trains clients from all over the world.

    Misha herself was suffering from thyroid and PCOS as a teenager and was on the overweight side. She used her own diet plan and tips to lose weight and has been on a health and fitness journey ever since.

    Reminiscing about her professional journey, Misha said, “My first set of challenges and the biggest one as a budding nutritionist, was finding clients. When you’re new, you haven’t had time to show your work and prove yourself. At the start of my career as a nutritionist, I only had a handful of clients, but I gave my best in training them. After their plans and training were successful, people started seeing me as genuine and knowledgeable. Now, people come to me and tell me that they have heard a lot about me, and to see my work have an impact makes me happy.”.

    Speaking of experiences with clients who have a situation similar to hers, Misha told us, “When I was a teenager, in my early 20s for that matter, we have had a lot of progress in this field since then. While I ran pillar to pole without finding anything, girls like me have so many options. I suffered from PCOS and Thyroid and the shaming that came from the weight gain was just as agonising as the illness.”.

    “Where I felt alone in my weight loss journey, I walked many others through theirs. When some of my clients share their stories of their experience with body shamers, I can completely relate and extend my support. I am helping thousands of girls who are facing pcos/thyroid issues by changing their lifestyle. I view it as my biggest achievement – a girl who herself faced the depths of depression is now helping other girls and saving them by motivating them to lose weight.”.

    According to Misha Arora, the best thing one can do for losing weight while dealing with Thyroid is to not focus on the unnecessary hate. Pay attention only to your health, and seek professional help. Everything else is unnecessary and won’t help you.


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