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  • Oksana Angel Launches the Kingdom of Angels Brand

    Published on May 4, 2015

    Seven years in the making, the magnificent world of Unconditional Love is born… It is called the Kingdom of Angels™.

    poster A2 with rays of lightAbout the Kingdom of Angels brand

    The “Kingdom of Angels” is a fantasy world of Light, Peace, Compassion, Love and Magic expressed in inspirational music, spiritual books, fantasy movies, live music shows and TV shows about angels and their unconditional love for humanity. The Kingdom of Angels™ donates to orphan houses in impoverished countries and to the homeless in the USA and abroad. To participate in the Kingdom of Angels’ fundraising events and charities worldwide, go to www.OksanaAngel.com/donations.html and apply for a sponsorship opportunity or make a donation.

    On her quest for the Universal truth, wisdom, kindness, inner joy, peace and tranquility Oksana Angel has created the fantasy world of the Kingdom of Angels™. Through the brand and products of the Kingdom of Angels™ the SuperNova Russian-American singer shares her own understanding of human evolution with audiences of all ages. Truly, the Kingdom of Angels™ offers a variety of enchanting merchandise to appeal to children, teens and adults. There are fairy tales and cartoons, reality TV shows, a medieval fantasy movie, themed greeting cards for all occasions, small gift items and philosophical books on spirituality.

    A collaborative effort, the Kingdom of Angels, in its early stages has inspired some of music’s most accredited talents to become involved. Oksana Angel first met Anthony Meyer back in 2008; when pitched the idea of the debut single and self-titled album “Unconditional Love”, and seeing the potential impact it could create amongst international communities, Meyer came on board to produce. Meyer’s songwriting, production, and remix credits include Justin Timberlake, Bubba Sparxx, Ray J, Snoop Dogg, Sting, Enya, Disney’s Raven Symone and Mitchel Musso, Timbaland, Patty Labelle, Carlos Santana, The Pussycat Dolls’ Kaya Jones and currently two simultaneous Billboard top 20 Club chart hits with Fat Joe/Breanna Rubio (“Fly Alone”) and Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees (“That Girl”).

    Multi-platinum record producers – who contributed to Oksana Angel’s brand and sound – Chris Johnson (Evanescence “My Immortal”, “Going Under”, “Bring Me Back To Life”), John Van Nest (Cher, Vanessa Williams, Barry Manilow. Michael Jackson, Tim McGraw) and Richard Bosworth (Sarah Brightman “As I Came of Age”) compare Oksana’s warm vocals to the angelic-sounding voice of Sarah Brightman (“Symphony”, “The Dreamcatcher”), the hypnotic sound of Enigma (“Principles of Lust”, “Sadness”) and the sensual notes of Sade (“Soldier of Love”, “King of Sorrow”, “Lover’s Rock”).

    The Kingdom of Angels Mission is to promote peace, build awareness of the spiritual world and motivate listeners, readers and viewers to share love, radiate joy, bring happiness and provide support to each other.

    Creator’s Vision

    Oksana Angel created the magical land of Unconditional Love under the brand name “The Kingdom of Angels” to build consciousness of the celestial world and its direct impact on human lives here and now.

    “I dream of the world of Unconditional Love right here, on Earth, like intended by the Creator of the Universe. I long for the days of glory of God’s Love manifested within us when kindness and light will prevail in our hearts and minds. Goodness spreads exponentially – one heart, one soul at a time. And it starts right here, right now, within YOU.” – Oksana Angel

    Kingdom of Angels™ Projects in Development

    The Kingdom of Angels™ music, light and hologram shows – currently in development – will bring the fantasy world from the heavenly realm to the audiences around the planet. Magical creatures, angelic ballerina-dancers and Cirque de Soleil – type acrobats will take center stage in Oksana’s whimsical production. The Kingdom of Angels™ live music shows will take fans on a deep spiritual journey of philosophical understanding of pure, selfless, unconditional love, accompanied by Oksana’s warm vocals and the masterfully arranged angelic sounds of pan-flutes, ethereal pads and divine piano melodies.


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