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    On Global Handwashing Day, Bhatia Hospital create awareness on the right way to wash hands and keep diseases at bay

    Published on October 14, 2021

      On account of Global Handwashing Day, Bhatia Hospital held a very special activity to understand the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent and keep diseases at bay.

    The event was held by Sister Kanchan from Bhatia Hospital and saw everyone right from support staff, housekeeping staff, doctors and consultants enthusiastically participating in the event. Each year, October 15th is observed as Global Handwashing Day. This year, the Global Handwashing Day theme focused on “Our Future is at Hand-Let’s move forward together”.

    The activity began with the Infection Control Staff mobilizing messages across the hospital through posters and slogan competition. The participants had put down their thoughts through creativity and powerful slogans to communicate and spread the message on why it is so important to maintain hygiene of the hands.

    Later on, a session was held by Dr Shilpa Naik, Microbiologist to discuss and explain various aspects that hands are innocuous carriers of many microorganisms, some of which may lead to spread of disease in us as well as those around us. Common illnesses that spread due to improper or lack of hand hygiene include Common cold (influenza), Chicken pox, Hepatitis A and E, Norovirus and even Typhoid if hands are not washed properly after using the bathroom.

    The team from Bhatia Hospital educated visitors through performances on the exact way to wash their hands to ensure they become clean. They demonstrated proper ways like washing hands with soap at critical times, especially before eating, cooking, or feeding others. They were also shown other very alarming things that could catch their attention instantly like: ‘You Might Catch More Colds, Faecal Matter Might End Up In Your Food, You Could Get Or Spread Food Poisoning, You’re Infecting Everyone You Touch, Pink Eye Could Rear Its Ugly Head, Your Snacks Will Get Contaminated, You Might Pick Up Hepatitis A, Diarrhoea May Become A Frequent Visitor etc.

    Dr. Satyadeo, Malik, CEO Bhatia Hospital said, “The simple act of washing hands properly can lead to prevention of a number of illnesses. So, this activity is extremely important in our daily lives and for us to mark this day as an important occasion. We make sure to follow all preventionss and precautions for ourselves and our patient’s safety at Bhatia Hospital”.

    The entire team at Bhatia hospital then vowed to wash hands frequently and as needed to safeguard themselves and patients from diseases and lead a healthy life.