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  • Oral Hygiene for Elderly People

    Published on October 3, 2019

    Dr. NandaKumar, Consultant, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist, Fortis Malar Hospital.

    1. What are tooth cavities? How does it affect older people?

    Tooth cavities are decayed or destructed tooth structure which causes pitting (holes) on the surface which may lead to food lodgement, discolouration, sensitivity pain and bad breadth in people.

    1. What are the risk factors leading to tooth decay?

    Improper brushing technique, not brushing twice a day, eating more of soft food (carbohydrates) instead of fibrous diet (fruits, vegetables), Not drinking good amount of water, not using a fluoridated tooth paste.

    1. What leads to dry mouth among elderly people?

    People with systemic illness like hypertension ,diabetes , autoimmune diseases may get dry mouth (Xerostomia)

    1. Elucidate on dental decay leading to heart problems?

    The concept is still a doubt not being proven yet which says tooth decay and gum disease has various bacteria in it which in turn floats in the blood that oozes from the gums due to gum infection which enters the blood stream reaches the heart and may lead to  heart disease called infectious endocarditis . So keeping your mouth free from tooth decay and gum disease may help your  heart in some way.

    1. What is periodontal disease? How can you prevent it?

    Periodontal disease is nothing but infection of gums and the bone which are the supporting structures of the teeth due to accumulation of deposits in teeth (Tartar) which may lead to bleeding gums , swollen gums , bad breadth and loose teeth and tooth lose in later stages . Proper brushing twice a day and getting a professional teeth cleaning done every 6 months are the simple ways to prevent periodontal disease.

    1. How can diabetic patients take care of their dentures?

    Cleaning the denture surface  twice a day with a soft brush and sinking it in a denture cleansing tablet dissolved water overnight .

    1. Can you suggest oral hygiene tips for elderly people?

    Brushing twice a day , flossing every night , using a mouth wash , gargling after every meal , adding more fibre to diet , drinking enough water.