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  • Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow successfully performs laparoscopic excision of giant tumours to save 29-year-old female

    Published on February 27, 2021

    Lucknow: A team of doctors at Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow saved the life of a 29-year-old female by performing Laparoscopic excision of Retropertitoneal Liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer. The case of this patient is complicated as well as rare as she was suffering from Retropertitoneal Liposarcoma. This type of condition is uncommon and is seen in less than one percent people and needs high expertise medical group.

    The patient, Ms Neelam Varma, was brought to the Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow with complaints of abdomen pain and swelling for several months. Upon investigation, it was found that the liposarcoma was growing in the retroperitoneum, or membrane covering the abdominal organs. She was suffering from the last one year and visited many hospitals but none of them suggested less-complicated operating procedure.

    Speaking about the case, Dr Pradeep Joshi, MS M.Ch. (GI Surgery), Senior Consultant, Regency Superspecialty Hospital, said, “Liposarcoma is cancer that starts in the fat cells. It is a type of soft tissue sarcoma. A liposarcoma can grow anywhere but most often develops in the abdomen or limbs. However, in this case it got more complicated because the surgery may lead to infection and incisional hernia in the futures besides a lengthy hospital stay. As she is suffering from past one year, she needed immediate attention and removal. We performed Laparoscopic excision of Retropertitoneal Liposarcoma because it is minimally invasive. Traditionally these big tumors are treated by open technique with large incisions but in experienced hands they can be treated with laparoscopic surgery with minimal complications. This laprocopic surgery lessens the pain, hospital stay and helps in speedy recovery without any cut on body.”

    The procedure not only relieved him from excruciating pain but also bring him back to the normal life immediately days after his surgery. This kind of surgery is ideal during Coronavirus pandemic because it limits your hospital stay, where the chances of contracting both the coronavirus and hospital acquired infection (HAI) are high.

    “Availability of best team and presence of advanced medical equipments made our job successful, Cases like this are generally taken to metropolitan cities, where medical facility is advanced. Since we also had the necessary high-end equipment and high expertise in this area, we performed this surgery successfully. We have been handling many such complex kidney procedures regularly .We are happy to be the best in Lucknow to perform such rare cases,” Dr Saurabh Verma, Associate Consultant, Regency Superspecialty Hospital said.