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  • Saturday, June, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:40:01
  • In a surprise move, former British prime minister Boris Johnson announced that he will not run for the post of UK’s Prime Minister, despite having been overwhelmed with calls for him to join the race. In a statement last night, Mr Johnson said, he is standing aside in the interest of the unity of the party, despite being well-positioned to deliver another Conservative victory in the 2024 general election. As a result of Johnson’s decision, Rishi Sunak has moved one step closer to becoming Britain’s first Indian-origin prime minister.

    Johnson had the public support of around 59 Tory MPs, including some high-profile cabinet members. Now it remains to be seen how that support will be divided between Rishi Sunak, who has around 144 supporters, and Penny Mordaunt, who has around 23 declared supporters.

    It is now almost certain that a two-member shortlist will be drawn up by 2 pm local time today. In the event that party MPs unite behind a single candidate, most likely Sunak, he will become Tory leader and prime minister by this evening.


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