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  • Wednesday, July, 2018| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:21:31
  • On December 12, the liver transplant team at Sahyadri Hospitals performed a critical liver transplant surgery on a 3 year old child weighing only 10.2kgs. Shubham Gurav, born on 16th October 2013 was diagnosed with liver Cirrhosis due to which he was having a troubled childhood, with a curtailed diet and was deprived of small luxuries such even eating one chocolate. While liver transplant

    shubham-guravwas the only way he could be saved, but it wasn’t easy, given the complexities involved. Shubham who weighed only 10.2kg, was one of the lowest weighing cases to go through a successful liver transplant in Maharashtra. Since, Shubham’s father Ajay Gurav, was the perfect match, a slice of the father’s liver was transplanted in Shubham using High Magnification Microscopic Surgery. The team prepared for this rare surgery on a 3D Model of the donor liver on CT scan. Transplant anesthetist – Dr. Manish Pathak and Dr. Dinesh Babu faced a huge challenge in maintaining the child under anesthesia for 12 hours because of Shubham’s small veins and wind pipe. Due to this reason, the precision given was in milliliter and along with small doses of medicines in managing fluids and blood product administration. The 12 hour long surgery was a success and the father and son were discharged under healthy conditions.

    A year back, the 3 year old Shubham started exhibiting symptoms such as weight loss, failure to thrive, loss of appetite and abdominal swelling. The family pediatrician suggested tests which highlighted swelling on the liver. Shubham’s parents then approached a pediatric hepatologist who confirmed liver Cirrhosis after conducting multiple tests including liver biopsy and recommended a liver transplant. Due to financial constraints, Ajay Gurav who works in an electrical company in Mumbai was trying his luck at different places to collect money for his son’s transplant. While Shubham’s situation was deteriorating, his father was trying to make ends meet to save his only child. During this period he came in contact with various NGO’s who in turn put him in touch with Sahyadri Hospitals where Ajay finally found a slimmer of hope.  The family and NGO raised funds for the operation with help from the hospital to give a new lease of life to the 3 year old. Post-surgery, the duo recovered well and Ajay was discharged on day 5 after the operation and Shubham was discharged on day 8 after the surgery.

    Liver Transplant is a complex multi-disciplinary exercise which requires proficient medical, nursing staff and excellent support from nutrition and physiotherapist. Apart from meticulous surgery, biggest challenge is the intensive care in post-operative period which was managed successfully by Sahyadri Hospitals. Sahyadri’s liver transplant team includes- Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Dr. Rahul Saxena, Dr. Anurag Shrimal, Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Dr. Manish Pathak, Dr. Abhijeet Mane and coordinated by Mr. Rahul Tambe, Mr. Arun Ashokan and Mrs. Sharmila Padhye.

    Lead surgeon, Dr Bipin Vibhute, Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgeon said, “Liver Cirrhosis in children is a rare disease. This was a challenging case as the Master Shubham weighed only 10.2kg and was just 3 years old. Paediatric liver transplant is more complicated than an adult liver transplant. Paediatric liver transplantation requires multi-disciplinary approach, cutting-edge infrastructure and experienced staff who are specialised in dealing with pediatric patients. Apart from surgery, the major challenge is the intensive care in the post-operative period. Both father and son are now well and we are proud of the entire team who has made this possible. Today, Shubham walks freely, plays and smiles a lot!”

    Shubham’s overjoyed father, Ajay Gurav said, “Doctors are next to God! Today, when I see my child smiling, it makes me feel alive. The team of doctors who operated and helped us understand basics of transplant as well as NGO who helped us raise funds made this day possible for our family. While my wife and I had lost hopes, today we are in a happy space with our child all because of Sahyadri Hospitals and the NGO. Our family and generations hereafter will always be grateful to Team Sahyadri.”

    Sahyadri Hospitals got its liver transplant license in March 2016 and has successfully conducted 31 liver transplants till date. With outstanding success rates, which speak of expert teams and excellent amenities and technology, the liver transplant program at Sahyadri Hospitals is equipped to undertake complex endeavors.