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  • Sushma Group promotes Peace and Love in India with three passionate Patiala lads

    Published on March 4, 2019

    Chandigarh: Sushma Group, a leading real estate developer in Punjab with the three zealous youngsters from Patiala took an initiative to spread a message of Peace and Love.  The major realty player, Sushma group sponsored the group of three young lads of Patiala who went out on a road trip to promote harmony and love across the nation by covering a significantly large portion of the country in 16 days.
    The triad constituted of Saksham Sahni, a student of Bachelor of Physiotherapy of Chitkara University, Raghav Kalra a B. Tech student of Computer Science and his Father, Vikas Kalra, Director of Indica Investments.  The trio who left for an extensive road journey traversed The Epic Golden Quadrilateral Route covering the entire length and breadth of the country and encompassing 14 states through 100 cities, traveling a total of 7000 kilometers.
    Before leaving for this noble expedition, Raghav Kalra said, ” as students, we sit together and make friends irrespective of caste or any other difference, but as we grow older, things change. We have taken this initiative to spread peace, love, and unity”.
    “The world has become intolerant and aggressive, and we are spreading God’s message of Love, Peace, Harmony, Togetherness, and Affection”, said Saksham Sahni.
    On being a part of this noble initiative, Mr. Prateek Mittal, Executive Director, SUSHMA Group said, “We are more than delighted to be able to contribute to this noble cause. It is love and peace that binds the human race together and instead of having this major diversity, it is the love only that has been uniting the humans of this country since forever. I would like to thank Raghav and Saksham for this exalted initiative and Mr. Vikas for accompanying them.”


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