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  • Syndeohealth Partners with Nargund Research Foundation

    Published on November 22, 2010

    Bangalore:  Syndeohealth, India’s leading Physician Relationship Management Company, today announced that it has partnered with Bangalore based Nargund Research Foundation, to make it easy for physicians to access clinically relevant information on drugs.

    Dr. H. J Hrishikeshavan, Director, Dept of Pharmacology at Nargund College says “this partnership will better equip pharmacy students to face the real world”. Our students will have the opportunity to interact with physicians to better understand the effect of dosage changes. Dr Hrishikeshavan adds “this will enable us to unearth potential clinical research opportunities that will allow students to provide valuable contributions to the pharmaceutical industry”

    “With this partnership, we will be able to provide physicians across the country with easy access to clinically relevant therapeutic information at the time of care, says Prashanth Shidlaghatta, co-founder Syndeohealth.

    Syndeohealth continues to bring effective solutions to help physicians to reduce medical errors, make informed clinical decisions for their patients and improve the quality of care.

    Syndeohealth is a Bangalore based company with offices in Hyderabad. It brings synergy into Pharma-Physician-Patient relationships and revolutionizes pharmaceutical marketing. It brings pharmaceutical companies and Physicians to a common platform and helps them effectively communicate and collaborate with each other so as to provide improved clinical care to patients. Syndeohealth is committed to continuously improve the efficiency in the Pharma industry and help them innovate faster. More information about Syndeohealth is available on their website www.syndeohealth.com.