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  • The boom in Digital Healthcare in India

    Published on November 30, 2021

    Healthcare is one of the industries that is rapidly growing in the Indian market. The new digital health-tech start-ups are emerging and replacing the traditional approach of treatment that has changed the entire scenario of healthcare in India. Digital health care set-ups are coming with unconventional ideas that are creating a breakthrough from traditional stigmas. The innovation in the sector also got accelerated when the lockdown started affecting day-to-day requirements, emotional health, fitness for people. These platforms are providing services in almost every domain of health and fitness. Right from getting mental health supervision to getting surgeries, booking, fitness etc., everything can be done digitally, sitting at the comfort of your homes.


    Glamyo is a multi-specialty healthcare start-up, based in New Delhi, that provides services like elective surgeries and cosmetic procedures, the brand provides people the convenience of round-the-clock assistance and aims at bettering the lives of common people with cost-effective and efficient services.


    Health-kart is a start-up based in Gurugram that provides health products and health services to help consumers achieve their fitness goals. The brand sells high-quality health supplements, fitness equipment, weight loss products, etc. Their products are delivered to the buyers through a combination of an online portal and 95 retail stores.


    HealthifyMe is an Indian health-tech start-up that provides services like calorie tracking, fitness coaching, diet and workout plans, etc. HealthifyMe is a revolutionary app on a mission to transform billions of lives. It now also provides services in South East Asia and is presently the largest weight loss and fitness app in the market.


    Lissun is a Gurugram based mental health start-up that aims at normalizing mental health in the Indian subcontinent and also aims to integrate mental health care into primary health care. It has a chat bot-based user interface which makes it more comfortable and convenient for people to share their concerns without feeling judged. Lissun is removing the stigma when it comes to mental health, not just among its clients but also among its investors and stakeholders.


    Avni is a female health-based start-up that works towards providing women with better female hygiene products, from cloth pads to menstrual cups to intimate care wipes, etc. Avni aims at removing the myths around female hygiene and also aims at reducing the negative impact on the environment and sustainable development.