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  • Monday, January, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:36:01

    A sofa is a significant commitment and a necessity for your living room. Various sofa designs not only take up most of the space in your living room but it also acts as the one place where all your friends, family members, and close people make themselves comfortable. Sofa amplifies the beauty of your area but selecting a perfect sofa design can be a little tricky. A statement sofa design is a smart piece of living room furniture which proves to be functional at many levels. It provides you with an opportunity to inject drama and personality around your living room as it eventually acts as a focal point for space. Here are a few smart tips on choosing the right sofa design that deserves to be the centre of attraction for that space.

     Choose a Sofa in a Bold Colour

    Make your sofa design stand out in the living room structure and against the wall behind it. A sofa in a vibrant fabric, brighter texture, and bold colour is eye catching and is able to make all the differences in your space.

    Light it up

    The aesthetic of your room can be anything from bold to traditional but what adds up to the character of your sofa design and bed design are the lights above it. You can hang a bunch of filament lights right above your statement sofa or hang a chandelier for sophistication. Ceiling lights are also a great way to work magic on your statement sofa. Lightings create a calming effect on the atmosphere around your living room furniture and allow your sofa to be the attention grabber.

    Breathe some art into space

    One of the most glamorous element to form part of a living rooms’ wall is the art to create a balance between the sofa and the wall. Keep in mind that the colour of the wall does not match the colours of your sofa to a large extent but only feeds off some of the accent colours in it. Frames in the colours contrasting with that of your sofa design will help strike a balance between the two of them.

     Work that coffee table

    A centre table or a coffee table with a statement sofa design is a match made in heaven. There is no way you can have one thing without the other. Make sure that your centre table appeals to the aesthetics if you do have a stylish sofa in your space. For instance, if the colour of your sofa is deep blue, complement it with a copper or brass metal coffee table. It is not only about the colours, but also about the textures and materials used.

     Strike the right balance

    It is a tricky task to work with bold colours as they can either look beautiful or they can end up looking too dramatic for your living area. So it is important to figure out how to strike a balance when using bold patterns and colours. For instance, if your sofa design features lovely fuchsia, you can complement it with a light patterned rug. Do not have numerous décor elements at one place around your sofa.

     The more, the merrier

    You need more space to accommodate more people. Choose the size of the sofa according to the need. You can go for a three cushion, two cushions, or a bench cushion style. Sectional sofa design look quite accommodating even in space with odd corners if placed at proper angles in the space. Sofa cum beds provide you with a perfect combination of style with utility.