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  • US working with India in developing nations on social progs

    Published on May 18, 2013

    us-indThe United States is increasingly working with India to jointly work towards development of social welfare programs in developing and third-world countries.

    This was disclosed by Nisha Biswal, Assistant Administrator USAID to members of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific during a Congressional hearing in washington on Thursday.

    She said, this is a work in progress as the United States moves from a donor-recipient relationship to that of partnership. Biswal said, when US President Barack Obama went to India in 2010, he, alongwith Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, launched the partnership for an Evergreen Revolution which talks about the partnership between the United States and India in the African context.

    Responding to a question, Biswal said India has long been a donor country, as she referred to the 2 billion dollar aid to fghanistan.

    She said, what we talked about when we say transforming the partnership, the relationship from donors, recipient to one of two partnerships, is we recognize that India is a country that has represented both tremendous progress and faces continuing challenges. These challenges are going to be met, by and large, through the resources from within India, she said.


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