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  • Virtual recruitment is here to stay. Here’s how employers can improve their virtual hiring

    Published on June 8, 2021

    If we have learnt anything in the year 2020, it has to be facing up to challenges and adapt accordingly. A major adaptation for all of us was to move all our functioning to online mediums. The recruitment industry wasn’t left untouched by it either. The recruiters had to move their hiring and onboarding process online. While it was enforced by the Covid-19 situation, online hiring has proved to be an effective way of hiring. Virtual recruitment has made the process smoother by allowing both employers as well as  aspiring candidates to save a lot of time and hassle which went into hiring by traditional means.

    It is this efficiency that has turned virtual recruitment into a new reality for the recruiters and it is here to stay. In light of the same, here are a few ways in which recruitment professionals can optimise their online hiring game.

    1. Get acquainted with the right tools and practices: In today’s digital age when being tech-savvy is becoming a focus area, the Covid-19 outbreak has made it quintessential for everyone. The recruiters while expect the candidates to be comfortable with working virtually, they also need to get comfortable with the latest technologies in the field. The recruiters must be aware of all the major practices of virtual recruitment. It is equally essential for the recruiters to upskill themselves over time. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams have become popular among recruiters for hiring. However, employers must always be on the lookout for newer innovations in order to find the most optimum platform for their specific requirements. These requirements could include its accessibility, installation requirements, ease of use, security, and features like presentation windows, and so on.

    Apart from this, an important aspect of virtual recruitment is having good internet connectivity and a device with a decent camera and microphone. The recruiters must ensure these things for efficient communication as they have to communicate with multiple candidates on a daily basis. In addition to this, they must instruct the prospective candidates beforehand about the platform they’ll be using for the interview, how they could set it up on their respective devices, and ensure that they have a good internet presence.

    1. Make use of online platforms: In addition to their official company websites, the recruiters could make use of online hiring platforms and social media platforms for hiring. There are multiple online platforms that let employers post their specific job requirements and hire the right candidates. Based on their requirement, they could even post their requirements on platforms that particularly allow organisations to hire entry-level employees that is, freshers with 0-2 years of experience from a pool of candidates having good internship experiences and polished skills.

    Another way is to make the most of social media platforms. While there are specific social media platforms for professionals, the recruiters could also make use of other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook to post their job requirements. Job seekers often spend a considerable amount of time on such platforms and often join groups or follow pages that share job opportunities. Here, sharing the job requirements through targeted mediums could help you attract more relevant candidates.

    1. Work on creating employer and personal brand: While recruiters are constantly working on improving their employer brand to attract more candidates, on the other hand, they could also work on improving their personal brand. They could make use of social platforms meant for professionals to establish themselves as a thought leader in the field of recruitment. To do so, the employers must keep their profiles updated and frequently share their insights in form of reports, articles, or anecdotes about their experiences in recruitment and guide the aspiring job seekers. Such practices pique the interest of job seekers and inspire them. The aspirants often end up reaching out to such employers for opportunities to work in their respective organisation and helps the recruiters in closing the positions.

    Now, as important as it is to hire a candidate, it is equally important to retain them. Now that the onboarding has moved online, it is crucial for the employers to get the new joiners acquainted with the culture of their respective organisation. This helps the recruiters in keeping the new employees connected with the whole team and keeps them interested in working towards the growth of the organisation.

    Courtesy: Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder and CEO of Internshala, a recruitment and trainings platform.


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