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  • Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury, disease, or any sort of deformity through the means of physical methods like heat treatment, massage, or even exercise rather than any sort of surgery or drugs. The physiotherapy treatments are given based on your problem which means that the physical therapies are very much customised in nature. If you stay in Bangalore then you get therapists in Bangalore to treat your pain. Many types of physical therapy are provided. The four main physical therapy otherwise known as physiotherapy have been mentioned below:

    • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

    Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is also called orthopedic physiotherapy. This particular type of therapy focuses mainly to restore the functioning of the muscular skeleton system which includes joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, and nerves which could have been affected by activities, various movements, and injuries. In it, the therapist of yours would try to get a comprehensive assessment of the musculoskeletal system of yours, for identifying issues like pain in the lower back or any other chronic pain which contributes to the symptoms that you are having.

    • Geriatric physiotherapy

    Geriatric physical therapy mainly focuses on the distinctive mobility needs of older adults. The older generation suffers many conditions which affect the hell as they are growing such as osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, balance disorder, and joint replacement. The main target of the geriatric physiotherapist is to restore the mobility which is affected by old age, to reduce the pain they are suffering from, to work around the physical limitations & also to improve physical fitness and overall health.

    • Sports physiotherapy

    The sports physiotherapist takes care of the well-being of the athletes from seasoned professionals to weekend warriors and even active children. The sports physiotherapist mainly manages athletic injuries via different methods. They first take an assessment and diagnose the injury. After which they try to treat the injury via the application of certain techniques & specialist advice, then, the rehabilitation and the progressive management of the injury. Sports physiotherapy mainly focuses on the injuries caused to the athlete during the sporting activity the sports physiotherapist also provides education & specialist knowledge for assisting the individual in preventing the injury.

    • Physiotherapy for the women

    The women’s health physiotherapist tries to address the issues which are related to the reproductive system of females, prenatal care and postnatal care, childbirth, and the issues with infertility that the women face. The specialist of women’s health physiotherapy assists women to relieve the lower back, hip pain, and pelvic pain after and during the pregnancy. They also try to help women in strengthening the core and inactivating the pelvic floor. The physiotherapist tries to reduce the lymphatic swelling and also try to control the urinary inconsistency.

    There are many other types of therapy focussing on various other aspects of your health and conditions such as physiotherapy for children and others. You can book sessions at home as well by searching for physiotherapy at home near me 


    What are various types of physiotherapy?

    There are mainly 6 types of physical therapy.

    How much quickly does physical therapy works?

    It might take from 2 weeks to even 8 weeks depending upon your problem.

    What is the cost of physiotherapy?

    It might cost you around 600 per visit.


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