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  • BJP , Congress and AIUDF shared equal honour in new AP bodies in Assam’s Darrang district

    Published on February 6, 2019

    By Mayukh Goswami (PNI)

    Mangaldai:Ruling BJP has shared equal  no of  two  Anchalik Panchayat (AP)  with the opposition Congress and the AIUDF in the  newly constituted AP bodies of   Darrang district . Out of the six AP bodies that have been constituted on Tuesday , BJP has captured the Paschim Mangaldai AP under Mangaldai LAC and the lone Sipajhar AP under Sipajhar LAC . In Paschim Mangaldai Binapani Kalita of the ruling party has been unanimously selected as the President while in Sipajhar Dipali Baruah has become the President . Similarly Manoj Kr Nath  and Monalisa Das have been selected in the posts of Vice President for Paschim Mangaldai and Sipajhar AP respectively .

    On the other hand  Congress AP Member Anjuwara Begum has become President in Pub Mangaldai AP under Mangladai LAC where as Wazed Ali of the party got elected for the post of President in Dalgaon-Sailamari AP under Dalgaon LAC . In these two APs both the posts of Vice Presidents have also been captured by the Congress . In the two remaining APs  , elected AP Members from  AIUDF  have captured the both posts of the President . Jainuddin Ahmed has been elected as the President in Besimari AP under Dalgaon LAC while Mayuri Khatun has become the President in Kalaigaon AP under Kalaigaon LAC . This has been informed to PNI by Additional Deputy Commissioner in charge of Decentralized Planning Branch , Darrang Kalpana Deka .

    Surprisingly in the religious minority dominated Besimari AP , Kanika Biswas of the saffron party has been elected as the Vice President where as in case of Kalaigaon AP , the seat of Vice President has gone to Congress AP Member Ajufa Khatun . Along with the constitution of all the six APs of the district altogether seventy five Gaon Panchayat (GP)s of the district have also been formed peacefully on the same day with the election of a new Vice President for each GP. , Additional Deputy Commissioner , Deka added