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  • Chatbot AVY ready to offer more services to Avivo Group’s patients in second phase

    Published on March 18, 2019

    Dubai : Avivo Group, one of the fastest growing healthcare service providers in the GCC, is all set to launch the second phase of its artificial intelligence-powered chatbot ‘AVY’ that will help eliminate the waiting time of patients at the group’s clinics and hospitals.

    The ‘Patients’ Journey Enrichment Phase’, as the group generally calls the second phase, will also integrate appointment schedules with clinical systems to provide a basic awareness of the speciality and medical problems to the patients and their caregivers.

    With the launch of the first phase of AVY in mid-2018, the Avivo Group became the first in the UAE’s healthcare sector to introduce an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to assist its patients round-the-clock to suit their convenience and enhance the patient engagement process as well as make the customer experience more pleasant.

    Chatbot AVY, which works as a virtual personal assistant, interacts with patients and their caregivers through the Avivo Group’s websites and its social platforms and helps them find doctors from different specialities, schedule their appointments, locate specific Avivo Group clinic or hospital and get them smooth access to the required treatments.

    Besides reminding the patients about upcoming appointments, this virtual assistant also directs them to the appropriate department or resource at an AVIVO clinic or hospital. With the enhancement of technological layers such as machine learning and robotic process automation in the second phase, AVY will further facilitate the teleconsultation, ease payment procedures, etc.

    “We have successfully implemented a customer service chatbot for all the websites and social media platforms of AVIVO Group to improve the patient engagement process and the customer experience,” said Dr Dilshaad Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Avivo Group.

    Dr Ali added that latest digital innovations create an abundance of opportunities for reshaping how healthcare facilities deliver patient services, improve outcomes, enhance clinician satisfaction, make the staff work most efficiently and manage costs more effectively.

    Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience. At the same time, they offer new opportunities to improve the customer’s engagement process and operational efficiency.

    Avivo Group is a brand of premium, quality-driven medical practices offering a wide variety of specialised healthcare services through more than 220 qualified doctors and over 1,200 compassionate employees serving around one million patients a year.