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  • ClinicSpots – An Emerging Healthcare Portal with an Intuitive Interface available 24/7

    Published on June 4, 2019

    CinicSpots is a well-established healthcare facilitator offering the vital connection between the medical fraternity and patients. It offers seamless access to specialized diagnosis, doctors and medical treatment and healthcare management to its visitors in India as well as across the globe.

    The fast-paced and stressful life of today has bought in a plethora of diseases, most of which were unheard of the early 20th century. At the same time, the emergence of information technology makes it extremely convenient for people to acquire the requisite information in just a few clicks.

    This entire scenario has given shape to what ClinicSpots has evolved since its inception in 2016. Over the years, extensive information and treatment options for plastic surgery, hair transplant, laser hair removal treatment, liposuction, and other image enhancing treatments and procedures are available.   Similarly, IVF treatment, Gynaecologists, Dentists, skin issues such vitiligo and psoriasis have been well catered too.

    On the other hand, India is an emerging hub for medical tourism offering world-class treatment and care at affordable costs.  Patients from abroad are keen to avail cancer treatment, heart transplant, kidney transplant, bone marrow transplant, spine surgery, liver transplant which are done at cost-effective rates.  Also, a generous amount of potential leads have been noted for neurologists and neurosurgeon along with eye treatments too. In India, medical tourists arrive in India to undergo hip and/or knee replacement procedures as they are done at much lower costs while using the state of art technology

    ClinicSpots was set up with the intention of bridging the gap between doctors and patients.  Enumerating the pros of a digital healthcare facilitator are as follows –

    • Availability of an updated database of medical facilities, doctors & allied professionals, hospitals, etc.
    • Scheduling of appointments and follow-ups can be done online at convenience.
    • Virtual consultation or reference of medical reports and tests possible
    • Virtual Assistance provided through email, phone, and chat

    Thus, it does save a great deal of money, time and effort which is crucial to both parties.

    ClinicSoft – ClinicSpots’ CRM Technology

    ClinicSoft, the online SAAS platform software offers an intuitive interface for doctors, their support staff as well as patients.  Also, the online reputation management of the doctors can be undertaken with great ease through it.

    Seamless Interface

    The intuitive interface of the software easy to use especially for the first time user; he or she can file in the required details quickly. The users can navigate through the interface to know about their available doctors, types of treatments and so on and get their desired information quickly.

    Schedule Management

    The interface offers easy scheduling of an appointment or rescheduling which in general is a painstaking and cumbersome task for patients as well as the doctors.  The CRM platform is so well designed that all appointments, follow-up schedules, and patient visits are well noted and recorded.  Also, the patients receive timely reminders of their appointments through emails and SMSes too. Moreover, the retrieval of these records can be done in a jiffy.

    Storage and Retrieval of Records

    Each and every detail entered in the interface is saved and stored by the software program.  This means that the details of every inquiry is stored and can be retrieved in a couple of clicks. All the details pertaining to that inquiry i.e. details of appointment, reports, rescheduling, and follow-ups including medical reports are stored.  These can be accessed seamlessly whenever the doctors wish to refer them too.

    Online Reputation Management

    The software is capable of managing the online reputation and profile of doctors through their intuitive interface. The profiles of doctors along with their reviews and testimonials are easily visible ensuring the patients can take a well-informed decision with regards to their medical issue and its treatment.

    Billing and Maintenance of Accounts

    ClinicSpots is equipped with a billing and accounting interface which is easy to use. This has relieved the doctors from managing their income while enabling them to focus more on their medical practice. This interface can be easily used by doctors or their staff and they need not be computer savvy.


    Advantage Patients/ Visitors

    Consider a couple of scenarios viz.

    • A young individual searching for reliable hair transplant treatment or plastic surgery to look good
    • A middle-aged individual has just been detected with a life-threatening disease.
    • A senior citizen wishing to opt for regular health check up in the area of residence


    The mental state of these three individuals would be full of worry and tension. They would be quite clueless about how to go about it or from where to begin. At the same time, they would be wondering whether they are on the right track or not being cheated and so on.

    All the above-mentioned scenarios require a thorough search of a database of doctors that offer their preferred treatment while considering various factors viz. cost, location of doctor and/or the hospital or clinic and so on. Moreover, a comparative analysis of the same also becomes essential before making the final decision.

    At such critical times, a visit to ClinicSpots does prove to be a real help saver. Each of them would be able to get access to plenty of relevant information pertaining to their ailment and gain insights on how to move ahead in seeking medical assistance exactly as the way they prefer it.

    On the overall, amidst the rapidly changing ecosystem of the digital health care segment, ClinicSpots is constantly evolving to offer an intuitive experience at every point of interaction to both the visitors and the medical fraternity.