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  • Guidelines issued for celebration of Durga puja in an eco-friendly manner

    Published on September 12, 2019

    by Anup Biswas
    Haflong : The Assam Pollution Control Board has issued general guidelines for celebration of durga puja in accordance with provisions of Water (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974, Air (prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1981 and Environment protection Act, 1986.

    As per the guidelines the idols are to be made from natural materials such as traditional clay, water soluble and non toxic natural dyes are to be used instead of toxic and non –biodegradable chemical dyes to paint the idols, to strictly avoid thermo-col and biodegradable items for decoration and idol making. As per the directives puja committees and officials are to ascertain that for the purpose of distribution of ‘prashads’ only eco friendly paper plates, banana leaves, shell leaves or clay plates be used to avoid environmental hazard.

    While playing music systems, microphones and drums the emitting sound level should be within the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise level as per provision of the Noise Pollution ( Regulation and Control), 2000 and that there is no use of music system , mikes or drums before 8 A.M and after 10:00 P.M. As per the guidelines worship materials like flowers, vastras, decorating materials made of paper and plastics is to be removed before immersion of the idols and the biodegradable materials be collected separately for recycling or composition. And the non biodegradable materials are collected to disposal in sanitary landfills. The clothes may also be sent to the orphan houses etc.

    The guidelines suggests to cordon of and barricade at the idol immersion points and use synthetic liner in the bottom well in advance of the immersion so that on completion the remains of the idols is brought to the bank. The bamboos and wooden logs maybe reused whereas the clay etc is taken to sanitary land fill for disposal.

    The general guidelines issued to the local bodies and authorities are to be followed at the puja mandaps and immersion ghats. The guidelines also ask the administration to be strict about the maintenance of traffic rules and regulations during the puja. It also directs the authorities to provide clean drinking water with adequate lighting arrangements and to install CC cameras at all the Puja pandals/ Mandaps. These steps are to ensure celebration of puja in an eco-friendly manner with minimal pollution load to the environment.


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