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    KIMS Hospital surgeon saved the boy’s life performing a critical bone marrow transplantation

    Published on February 28, 2021

    A five-year boy suffering from a severe variety of thalassemia was miraculously saved by doctors.  KIMS Hospitals Senior Consultant, Head of the Department- stem cell/ Bone Marrow transplant, KIMS hospital. Dr. Narender Kumar Thota done the critical bone marrow Procedure to save the child’s life.

    A five-year-old Boy named Haswant from Hyderabad suffering from abdomen distention with pain, constipation from the age of 9 months. On evaluation, doctors said he was found to have severe anemia and liver enlargement. Haswant’s parents had a consanguineous marriage and they are having a mild variety of thalassemia. He was investigated and diagnosed with a severe variety of thalassemia. Since then he was transfused with 77 units of blood, he was not able to live without regular blood transfusion. 

    Regular blood transfusions brought him more problems than relief. His liver, heart, pancreas, etc. we’re getting affected due to iron deposition, and further delay can cause his liver failure or heart failure. The doctors found that the child’s life was in danger if any condition continued like this. At that time his parents took that boy to KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad. Here Senior Consultant, Head of the Department- stem cell/ Bone Marrow transplant, KIMS hospital.   Dr. Narender Kumar Thota took this case as a challenge. After doing all the necessary investigation, he was planned for a bone marrow transplant as the only treatment option which can cure his disease. But we could not get a 100% match donor, as we don’t have much time as his liver and heart are getting affected because of the iron deposition we have decided to go ahead with a bone marrow transplant using his father as a donor Doctor said.

    As His father is a 50% match and he had a mild variety of thalassemia, Hospital management has explained the risk of transplant to the family, and have taken up for Transplantation On 24th, October 2020  and was discharged 2nd December bone marrow transplant is done. During treatment, he developed a lot of complications but fortunately kid is safe. After almost 3 months of observation, the boy is now completely healthy said, Dr. Narendar Kumar.  “Bone marrow transplantation is the only treatment for these types of Problems. Timely detection and proper treatment will take the patient life back to normal” he added.