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  • Mapping a profound journey: Oriflame celebrates 25 years of beauty and wellness in India!

    Published on December 15, 2020

    New Delhi:  Over two decades ago, a unique brand entered India with a promise to change the way we perceive beauty and uplift millions of lives.  This unwavering promise was made by Oriflame, the leading direct selling beauty brand from Sweden which has, over the past 25 years, made an indelible mark and grown deep roots in India. Its mission to empower individuals with business opportunities while delivering high-quality beauty products driven by research and innovation has grown from strength to strength.

    Today, Oriflame has touched millions of lives, fulfilled just as many dreams and introduced products that make you look and feel beautiful. And now, it is time to celebrate this incredible journey! As Oriflame marked its Silver Jubilee on December 14th, 2020. To commemorate and celebrate the occasion, the brand hosted a mega virtual event that was viewed by thousands of individuals from India and also from across the globe. The event featured a brilliant stage which was brought alive using the latest technology to create an experience as spellbinding and amazing as the brand’s journey itself.

    Redefining beauty in India

    Oriflame has sparked a beautiful change by bringing forth its unique view on beauty. Exceptionally Swedish in its DNA, Oriflame believes in holistic beauty. In essence, Oriflame believes beauty is not just how you look, but also how you feel, live, and act. It’s a whole way of life that includes being healthy, enjoying beautiful skin, expressing yourself, and having fun. It’s about confidence and balance that radiates from the inside. Oriflame believes in putting you in control of your life, but with love and a sense of responsibility towards the community and the planet

    Inspired by Nature, Powered by Science

    Oriflame not only cares deeply about nature but is also keenly focused on progressive science. Oriflame’s passion for innovation shines through each of its products. Using the most effective ingredients in nature, Oriflame’s industry-leading scientists go the extra mile to craft expert formulations. With collective expertise, skill, and passion, the in-house scientists create safe, high-performing beauty products that touch lives across the world.

    Oriflame thinks of its people as its most important asset and its diverse pool of over 100 scientists are the very backbones of the brand. Experienced in a cross-section of disciplines like biotechnology, chemistry, skin biology, toxicology, nutraceuticals, and more, these brilliant scientists create patented cosmetic technologies and innovations by carrying out and leveraging global research.  

    Products That Make The Planet Smile 

    What makes Oriflame unique is also its unwavering commitment to the environment and the planet. Since it believes in caring for the world around us, all its ingredients undergo a strict eco-ethical screening to ensure they are ethically sourced, safe to use, and of high quality. Oriflame never uses ingredients from endangered sources. The products also conform to strict European standards and are 100% free from GMOs. Oriflame uses 100% natural-origin exfoliants like almond shells in their scrub products that do not pollute the oceans. It also chooses to use biodegradable ingredients in its Love Nature rinse-off products.

    Through its sustainability practices, it is focused on three verticals – water, climate, and forest. Its manufacturing units recycle and reuse water, while rainwater harvesting is practiced diligently. All offices and production sites use recycled energy and are partly powered by solar energy. Oriflame has established two manufacturing hubs in India, one in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, and the other in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Oriflame’s wellness factory located in Roorkee has received LEED® Gold certification, for its best-in-class sustainable building practices.

    Empowering Individuals and communities

    Ever since it set foot in India, Oriflame has enabled people from all parts of the country to celebrate their personal beauty and fulfill their dreams. It has empowered millions of individuals to establish their own business and change their lives by promoting, sharing, and selling its high-quality products. It presents them with a unique, self-actualizing business opportunity—allowing them to earn, build their own business, travel around the world, meet new people and be part of a fun, caring, and friendly global community.

    While empowering its brand partners, Oriflame has also been on a mission to uplift the communities with a focus on women and child empowerment. Through its 14-year association with Deepalaya, beginning in 2006, Oriflame has supported the education of more than 7000 girls at Deepalaya schools in Okhla and the Nuh district in Haryana.

    Products that spread the joy of beauty

    Central to Oriflame’s beautiful commitment to beauty is its high-performing, reliable, safe, and effective range of products. It takes years of research and trials to develop a portfolio of over 500 high-quality products, and Oriflame only settles for the best of best in research, new technologies, and infrastructure. In its 25 years, the brand has launched several legendary products that are safe, effective, and reliable. Oriflame’s global bestseller, Tender Care, is manufactured in India and supplied to over 60 global markets. Since 1999, the brand has manufactured over 150 million units of this incredibly popular product.

    Speaking on the long and successful journey in India, Mr. Frederic Widell, VP and Head of South Asia and MD Oriflame India, said, “We are delighted to see Oriflame’s profound growth since we entered India 25 years ago and for all the love we are getting ever since then. In India, entrepreneurial spirit has existed for centuries, which I see is coming alive with a new surge in the influx of youth into the Oriflame business. We have had an amazing experience creating endless business opportunities, working towards empowering women across the country, innovating amazing products, and just creating beautiful memories. Here’s to the next 25, 50, and 100 years!