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  • Monday, January, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:10:48
  • by Mayukh Goswami

    Mangaldai :  ‘ No person in this world dislikes music . Even a new born while crying is seen responding to the melody of the rendition of its mother.” said Idris Ali , veteran lyricist , writer and former vice president of Asam Sahitya Sabha here on Sunday.

    He was speaking on the occasion of the re-opening of the first ever music school of  Mangaldai run by local premiere socio- cultural organization Mangaldai United Club after a gap of  thirty long years of its non functioning.  The veteran lyricist and a retired teacher of Mangaldai College, Ali  while recollecting the quality musical atmosphere of yester year’s Mangaldai under the personal initiatives of classical vocal artiste like Jyotirindra Narayan Deb popularly known as ‘Kolikotia Raja’ , Ramesh Chandra Dey and Parul Dey among others and helped the society to remain united in all odds.

    ‘ The melody of quality music is a powerful tool in prevailing peace and harmony in the society and thus tie us altogether to overcome all odds for development.’ , he maintained. Noted film maker Samarendra Narayan Deb, playwright and lyricist Hemanta Dutta also spoke on the occasion and recalled the unique cultural journey of Mangaldai United Club while becoming the first ever club in the history of Indian cinema to produce award winning feature  Assamese film like ‘Aranya’ (1971) and ‘Putala Ghar’ (1976) and their associations in the journey.  Addressing the august gathering of several senior local artistes , veteran members of Mangaldai United Club,  established in 1962 and music lovers Mangaldai Legislator Gurujyoti Das hoped that the musical platform of the prominent club would properly groom the hidden musical talents of the locality so that they could bring laurels for Mangaldai in state as well as national, international levels. 

    The function was also attended by noted classical vocal artiste Jay Prakash Medhi and his classical danseur wife Marami Medhi , both the former teachers of the said music school anchored by their former student Pranjal Kr Sarma . Earlier Parag Kr Deka , Secretary of the club explained the objectives of the function presided over by its president Biren Medhi. Songs and violin rendering also marked the occasion which had begun with the lightning of lamp before the portrait of the deity of wisdom Saraswati .