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  • Some people trying to create communal disharmony using social media in Bangladesh: Information Minister Hasan Mahmud

    Published on July 19, 2020

    Senior Awami league leader and Information Minister of Bangladesh Hasan Mahmud has said that some people in Bangladesh are trying to create communal disturbance using social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Addressing a meeting of religious leaders in Rangunia upzila of Chattogram district on Saturday, the Minister said that Bangladesh was born out of the sacrifices of all communities including Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. He said that Rangunia is an example of peaceful living of various communities for centuries.

    The Information Minister said that the government has recently given more than 1 crore taka for the development of places of worship of all religions including Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries.

    The Rangunia upzila of Chattogram district has been under communal tension over the last week as a Buddhist monk has been accused of defaming Islam through his Facebook post. According to media reports, several hardline Islamist groups have been staging protest demanding punishment for the Buddhist monk.

    According to the police the monk has fled the area. Additional forces have been deployed in the area to maintain peace and order.

    It is believed that a fake Facebook account was created in the name of the monk to create disturbance in the area and incite anger aimed at land grab of the monastery.

    In 2012, several Buddhist temples and houses were destroyed in the Ramu area of Cox’s Bazar and Patiya by a mob after a Buddhist monk was accused of defaming Islam on Facebook.