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  • The PLA failed to infiltrate Arunachal Pradesh, now the Chinese soldiers were shocked, the Indian Army gave a befitting reply.

    Published on September 17, 2020

    By Bhupen Goswami

    Guwahati : China has increased its military movement 20 km from LAC in Arunachal. There are also military bases in the snowy areas here. Indian security and intelligence agencies are closely monitoring this movement. Army deployment has also been increased here. Indian Army sources at the 4 Corps Headquarters in Tezpur said that the Chinese army may try to infiltrate new areas after being defeated in Ladakh, so all sectors along China from Ladakh to Arunachal are being closely monitored.The Chinese army is electrocuted after attempting to infiltrate the Line of Actual Control (LAC) around Pangong in Ladakh. The Indian Army personnel not only thwarted Chinese troops’ incursions into the region, but they responded by smashing them. As a result, now the Chinese military is trying to create a dispute in other parts of the border with India.

    Chinese troops have created a stir in Arunachal’s Asafila area, Tooting Axis and Fish Tail.Official sources in the Indian Army said today in Tezpur that a few days ago Chinese troops had made a major plan to infiltrate the area. Indian troops opened fire on the Chinese army and pushed them back. The current situation is that China has kept a large concentration of its army in spite of the gritty in the region. On the other hand, Indian soldiers are now replying in free hand style. That is, if Chinese soldiers walk with weapons, they are stopped with the help of arms.Official army sources said that apart from this, there were reports of disputes from border Sikkim and parts of Himachal Pradesh. Considering the possibility of infiltration, additional Indian military forces have been deployed along the border with China from Ladakh to Arunachal Sector.

     After the firing incident in Pangong, the courage of Chinese troops in other areas is being answered by a bullet. According to military sources, the Chinese army is still standing around Pangong Lake in Ladakh.Although he is beyond LAC, according to an officer posted in Leh, we cannot disclose our strategy. It is so certain that an event like Galvan will never happen now. He was a hoax, nothing more could be said. However, the bravery of the Indian soldiers, the Chinese army had seen well in Galvan. Since then, the Indian Army has been equipped with all kinds of weapons and other equipment. The result of the stern retaliation by our bravehearts is that stones are no longer being rained from China.They know how Indian soldiers now respond to stones. Earlier, not one, but dozens of such occasions have come, when the Chinese army has been throwing stones without any reason. Indian troops are now in a strong position in areas such as Pangong, Galwan and Chushul. China thinks that India should be encouraged in many areas simultaneously in winter.

    According to the official, however, in winter our soldiers are in a much stronger position than in China.Their soldiers are stationed, but when it comes to physical strength, they do not stand anywhere in front of our soldiers. It is now China’s effort to infiltrate various areas along the border with India. The soldiers, who are now deployed in Sikkim, Arunachal, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh, are knowledgeable in different disciplines of war. The officer says that it cannot be said when and where the firing will take place.Indian Army sources at the 4 Corps Headquarters in Tezpur said that the manner in which Indian soldiers are currently giving a befitting reply to China is going to break the enthusiasm of their soldiers. We know in which areas China will now create a dispute, but it will be decided by mouth, according to sources, the Indian Army’s movement across the border with the Indian Army Asafila Area, Tuting Axis and Fish Tail in Arunachal Sector. Is closely monitoring.For the last few days, the Chinese Army has been increasing the movement on the roads built in the depth areas, a few kilometers away from the LAC. In view of this, the Indian Army is also strengthening itself in the entire LAC sector.