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  • Violence won’t benefit anyone: PM to Kashmiris

    Published on August 15, 2010

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday told agitating youth in Kashmir that violence will not benefit anyone and that the government, within the framework of the state being an integral part of India, was willing to move forward in any talks with those who abjure violence.

    Addressing the nation on the 64th Independence Day from the ramparts of historic Red Fort here, he promised to carry on the recently initiated dialogue process with an emphasis that the Indian democracy has the “generosity and flexibility” to address concerns of any group.

    While expressing deep regret for loss of lives on the streets of Kashmir in the last two months, Singh left no one in doubt that the state is an integral part of India.

    “Within this framework, we are ready to move forward in any talks which would increase the partnership of the common man in governance and also enhance their welfare,” he said.

    “We are ready to talk to every person or group which abjures violence,” Singh said.

    Referring to the recent unrest in Kashmir in which over 50 people lost their lives, he said, “The years of violence should now end. Such violence would not benefit anyone”.

    Recalling that he recently participated in a meeting with political parties from Jammu and Kashmir, he said, “We will endeavour to take this process forward.”


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