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  • Dimasa Mothers’ Association appeals to refrain from posting obscene photos and videos of girls and women on social network

    Published on November 12, 2019

    By Anup Biswas

    Haflong  : The Dimasa Mothers’ Association (DMA) being alarmed by a spurt in circulation of obscene photos and videos clips of girls and women on social networking sites, appealed to all the denizens of Dima Hasao to refrain from committing such offence.


    In this regard, they would like to remind every section of people that various legal provisions against obscenity are prevailing in the society. As clicking obscene photos, videos and publishes or transmit/circulates those obscene amounts to voyeurism and attract minimum imprisonment of

    either description for a term which may extent to three years and with fine up to rupees five lakhs.

    President Agnes Gorlosa said it was a sad reflection on the attitude of indifference of towards the society, the violation of human dignity of the victims of obscene videos being published circulated. ‘We must remember that circulations not only violates the victim’s privacy and personal integrity, but inevitably causes serious psychological as well as it harms their dignity ultimately ruins their healthy family bonding’.

    To be specific, girls and women have to be careful and aware in order to prevent themselves from such offenses Considering all the consequences, DMA awfully request to all concern that whenever any individual receives any obscene photos and videos or has knowledge of such acts kindly report it to the police. This will definitely assist the victim from exploitation and to live with human dignity.